Where to start...why not tumblr it.

Just finished up my second graduate degree, like on Thursday, and can’t wait to get started on a book I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. My master’s was in economics and not an MFA. Considering my recent choice to pursue this endeavor that would have been a better route to take. However, I’ve got this really unique set up where I get to take some time and pursue my dream of writing a children’s travel book. 

I am currently and will continue to live in Prague in the country of the Czech Republic. This means I have to wait until I return home to the US of A to pick up the numerous how to guides I’ve had shipped to the hotel in Chicago.

Since I’ve got some time, I thought what the hell, I’ll chronicle my adventures into the world of children’s book creating on that nifty thing called tumblr. I’m sure that the creative process of producing this work will likely be like paint drying some days so we will see how this goes. Full disclosure, the only tumblr I’ve been on before today was www.whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com. I’m just guessing I could be doing this wrong. 

With that, I shall tumblr. 

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