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Lets do this.

I spent the last couple of days having my pervious piece critiqued and feeling rather down and out about my first attempt. Last night, I realized I needed to let my original approach or attempt go. I have a feeling that this will be a valuable lesson going forward. I was to attached to things that weren’t working and to bummed that I didn’t get it right the first time. This expectation is of course ridiculous and not appropriate. Moving forward looks a lot more charming then it did two days ago. I’m going to destroy my text book reading today! BOOM! 

Struggling writer... sorta

Working my way through the textbook “Writing Picture Books” by Ann Whitford Paul. It has been incredibly helpful but the further I get the more annoyed I am with my previous story! I was going chapter by chapter through the book and applying the tasks/lessons to the story I had written but now I think I’ll just scratch that approach. Instead I think it may be better to read through the book and then write a new story before revisiting my first. Confused yet? Thrilling I know.

Everyday I am more amazed at the techniques that go into writing children’s books. Learning these and seeing that these are what makes the difference between a good and a GREAT book has been inspiring, humbling, and daunting. Anyone like to recommend how to over come the hill of feeling defeated before you’ve even started? YIKES! 

A bit annoyed that I do not have access to a library in the United States, I need to read some more of the classics! Hopefully I can find an english speaking library here with a decent collection… the pains of living abroad.  Can anyone recommend their favorite classic picture book? 

Drafting... not like an architect

I’ve been reading through one of my textbooks as I go about redrafting my first story about Jerome, the traveling elephant. I’ve posted it on a couple of forums and I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who is willing to critique my work. I’ve also sent a couple of drafts around to the unsuspecting friend and family members. I am lucky enough to family members (siblings) who are under the age of 13… I am looking forward to their response the most. On to the next draft… working the words so that the story sounds more poetic. Wasn’t expecting this process to be so consuming. I LOVE IT. 

Book Shopping

My natural place to start in this entire project was to begin researching classes I could take online. However, I was struck by the shocking price tag that went along with it. I am really interested in the UCLA Writer’s Program Extension and the London School of Journalism course. Any recommendations? I’m going to start with a couple of the books off the syllabus and go from there.

One of the three I’ve already mentioned. The other two are on their way to the hotel in Chicago where we travel to on Friday. The most recommended one was “Writing Picture Books: A Hands-On Guide from Story Creation to Publication” By Ann Whitford Paul. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  

Did I mention the theme of the book will be a travel picture book for children? PUMPED! 

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