Struggling writer... sorta

Working my way through the textbook “Writing Picture Books” by Ann Whitford Paul. It has been incredibly helpful but the further I get the more annoyed I am with my previous story! I was going chapter by chapter through the book and applying the tasks/lessons to the story I had written but now I think I’ll just scratch that approach. Instead I think it may be better to read through the book and then write a new story before revisiting my first. Confused yet? Thrilling I know.

Everyday I am more amazed at the techniques that go into writing children’s books. Learning these and seeing that these are what makes the difference between a good and a GREAT book has been inspiring, humbling, and daunting. Anyone like to recommend how to over come the hill of feeling defeated before you’ve even started? YIKES! 

A bit annoyed that I do not have access to a library in the United States, I need to read some more of the classics! Hopefully I can find an english speaking library here with a decent collection… the pains of living abroad.  Can anyone recommend their favorite classic picture book? 

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