Prep for #NY14SCBWI & 12 X 12!

Excuse all the jargon in the header but it makes me feel more in the know. 

It has been one busy couple of weeks (has it been more than a week, I’m not sure). I’m in full prep for the SCBWI 2014 NYC Conference. After a complete revision of the only MS I’ve been working on for the roundtable intensive, I’ve found myself in a holding pattern.

I received a great critique of the latest version from Jackie Wellington (A critique partner found through WriteCon, who has read every version of my story. I owe her so many thanks for her critiques, encouragements, and friendship ). Now I’m just waiting to hear from the ever inspiring Esther Hershenhorn and the fantastic service I’m nervous but feeling confident in this new revision. Hopefully they also think its up to snuff for the roundtable.

Don’t worry, I don’t scare away from further revisions but I’m hoping I won’t be doing to much of that over the next 13 days. 

During this brief two-day self induced revision freeze, I’ve been researching editors and agents in prep of the conference.  Studying how to pitch (which I’m freaking out about). 

I finished up my new fancy website (can’t wait to someday add a section titled published books). 

All I had left to do was create my biz cards, which I enjoyed doing today. WEEEEE!!!!! 

In a rush of caffeine in the basement of a Starbucks, I went ahead and joined the 12 X 12: 12 Picture Books in 12 Months.  Considering how new I am to this entire thing, I joined as a Margaret Wise BRONZE member.   The idea is that in a 12 month period you produce a picture book a month. This doesn’t mean a polished picture book but a MS.  I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone who has opted to participate this year. More than anything, I’m looking forward to the challenge.  Why go half way, I guess???? 

P.S. Any of the 12 X 12 going to the  NYC SCBWI conference in a couple of weeks? I wish there were some sticker to wear so I could meet folks in person. Is there and I just don’t know about it? 

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