Well it has been nearly a month since the SCBWI New York Conference. I can say I went, I saw, and I left knowing exactly what I’m meant to do forevermore.  There was every fiber of me that was nervous about not only reading my MS during roundtables, but also, attending the event.  

There was a huge amount that I learned and there is no question that it wasn’t one of the best decisions I made for my new career.  Not enough can be said about the friendships and connections made. I’ve always been a bit of an odd duck, but there I was among folks that I instantly bonded with. Going to the NY14 SCBWI conference made me feel a lot more prepared, a lot less isolated, and more inspired than I imagined. 

My favorite key note was without question Jack Gantos.  As a youngly I was swept away by Rotten Ralph. It was a surreal moment to then be inspired again as an adult and a writer by Mr. Gantos. His writing had a profound influence on me at a particular moment in my childhood, a time when I needed humor the most. Flash forward 21 years and there I was sitting in the audience and at a crossroads with my picture book MS. Mr Gantos, words were helping me as a writer to create a better character, plot, and over all picture book.   It was FANTASTIC! 

Here is hoping I can swing the LA Conference in August! 

After a quick trip in New York and Boston (to see my Mother, Step-Father and Brother and try on my wedding dress). I jetted to Miami to meet my dear friend Kate for a four day musical festival cruise!  As evidenced by this photo we Lived Loud! 

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