Mac Barnett- Your Words Ring Loud

“Working with different illustrators is great. With my text, I like to try on different styles and it’s a good encouragement and impetus to do that. I wrote a book called Extra Yarn and I knew who the illustrator would be for that, so I was very much aware that I was writing in the world of his art. That affected everything from where I was telling the story, to the characters I was bringing in. It filtered through to the language, too. You know the story takes place in the kinds of illustrations he makes. With picture books, there always has to be a strong visual idea first for it to even work. You know the kind of visual world you’re working in.” -Mac Barnett

It would be a dream to work closely with an illustrator.

This is all I want to put in a query letter: Can I please write for your illustrators. 

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