Cut/Paste/Complete: Dummy Book

Yesterday I completed my first dummy book. I have to admit that it was an incredibly helpful exercise. There were edits that I came across that I would not likely discover if I hadn’t cut and paste computer paper together. There are only a couple of spots left in this particular book that I’m a bit unsure of. 

I have contacted a very talented and recommended writing coach. For a small and reasonable fee, she has agreed to review my manuscript. My goal is to get her two by the first of October. On to the next PB!

In the meantime, since returning from Barcelona (pictures to be posted), I’ve started to consider pursuing a Young Adult project that involves Macbeth and JFK. 

On word with few words.  

Also, I’ve been reading/obsessing over Sin and Syntax by Constance Hale. Read it. Anyone who writes anything in the English language should read this book. 

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