Break dancing right into a breather from my MS

As the previous posts indicate I took a break from writing today. I took a recommendation to fiddle around with drawing out scenes from the MS. I have been mentally visualizing this story everyday since around June. When I say visualize, I mean like I see the character moving from page to page scene to scene.  Often when I’m in a stump on where to take the story next, I’ll put on headphones and listen to some Mozart and watch a chubby elephant walk around Paris.

My MS is on its third total redo since August. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I eekked to the finish of this third makeover. It felt fantastic. Now, I’m going to let it simmer before I continue the editing process.

I’ve got a need for a killer line in one paragraph during the ah-ha moment.  Allowing myself to break out the oil pastels was a wonderful way to work towards that line. 

Can’t wait to make the new dummy book and practice my drawing a bit more :) 

Now, I’ll be spending my night watching movies and drinking wine. Ohhh the life of an author. 

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