11/22/1963 Lyndon Johnson's Day 1

52 years ago today we lost and gained a President. An unimaginable amount is still unknown about the events. I know some hope the US government will open an investigation with new evidence that's been uncovered by "citizen journalists." But, I doubt this will happen.

I suspect we will come closer to the truth through the long tradition of literature and the arts. (But this might just be the hippe artist in me.) My hope is the manuscript I've been working on will add to this tradition and provide a fictional window in which to view different aspects of the story. LBJ was a titan of a character. He was there the days leading up to 11/22, that day, and for the next one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five days as POTUS. 

A male author can write about unlikable male characters. They’re called anti-heroes and it’s called a novel.
— Gillian Flynn on people calling her writing misogynistic in Glamour magazine, the October 2014 issue. The level of sass and taking no shit from both her and Rosamund Pike-who Flynn interviews in this article-is strong and gives me life. (via samishoward)

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